Don’t forget to be a human


It is safe to say I was a late adopter to Twitter and whilst I was busy meandering through the wilderness of who to follow, I stumbled across an account dedicated to delivering content that aims to ‘blow our minds’, which naturally ignited my curiosity.

The account’s aptly titled handle is @TheMindBlowing and as you would expect, it is tremendously popular – currently hosting a whopping 1.21 million followers; making the insecure of us feel that we need some sort of sports car to validate our existence.

My inquisitive nature with @TheMindBlowing opened up some questions—why would someone have an account like this? What do they gain? Was this just bragging rights or was it about business?

After looking closer, it was quite obvious that it was business orientated, and then looking closer still, I could see a method to their success, which I have termed push-push pull.

So, what do I mean by this?

Well, push content delivers something your customer wants. It gives them content they crave and satisfies their needs. It doesn’t matter if it is a well written blog *cough cough* or a funny cat video; content that pushes gives the user a feeling of added value.

Pull content is what you would expect—the opposite. It is content that puts your needs first; it is a request to share, to retweet or to download—it is asking followers to buy your next album or book. Pull content meets a business need, where push content meets the consumers’.

What @TheMindBlowing does is exactly this, they give-give-give you content and then they send you a link to their website, where they can make money through advertisements whilst also improving their search ranking through quality engagement.

So why is this so successful?

Well to me, it works because this type of interaction has a real human quality to it. Think about your closest friends and more importantly, why you are friends with them. I hope it is because they are fun, intelligent, caring, helpful, or when you are moving house, own a van! Whatever the reason, the time you spend with them more often than not feels valuable to you.

Even so, you know that one day your phone will ring and you will have to do something for them. It could be problems with their family or their partner, it could be help moving house—it doesn’t matter. Your relationship is a balance between your needs and theirs—a similar model to push-push pull, albeit less forced.

And therein lies my point. We live in a world where we spend large portions of our day immersed in technology—some of our friendships are entirely maintained through it. So although it is clear to see why these human-based models succeed, it is also important to remember that the words you write, the visuals you show, or the ideas you are selling are reaching out to mothers, to fathers, to your next door neighbour…to real people.

So whatever work you create next, don’t forget to be a human.

Tom Wordley, Senior Copywriter

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