#KittenCamp LOLs


If you were to ask someone outside the media world what they thought young media types got up to on a Monday night after work – they would probably (sarcastically) describe something along the lines of #KittenCamp.

Which is why I duly went down to an underground bar in Soho, drank free (craft) beer, and watched two grown men in onesies ‘battle’ each other using nothing more than the power of internet memes.

Unsurprisingly, I loved it.

To give you a bit more background, #KittenCamp is a quarterly meeting at which the most widely shared memes from the last few weeks are watched, laughed at and voted on. Then, guest presenters take us through a relevant topic of their choosing.

The ‘Battle’

In the first half of the evening, the two presenters @WilliamEdHarvey (Innovation Lead & Tech reporter at VCCP, and @theQuiggler (Managing Director at Sharethrough) ‘battled’ against each other to see who had found the best meme in a series of preassigned categories.

Aside from literally laughing out loud, the audience were asked to hold up a physical expression of a LOL (a sheet of paper with the word LOL written on it) to show which of the two memes they preferred in each category. The meme with the most LOLs won.

Some of the highbrow entertainment pieces included:

Do the Protein Shake


Arnie blowing sh*t up   

Shia LeBeouf


Charity for Tidal

GoPro kids

Forgetting Ed Miliband

Rapping egg


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