‘First week done and you’re not fired!’


Truth be told; I felt pretty dam awesome walking to work early in the morning, through the streets of London. I was storming the pavements in my old trusty Doc Marten’s feeling triumphant and purposeful. It’s been rather surreal as I’ve had one month to kill between finding out I’ve got the post in The Creative Lab at Publicis, and starting the actual job. So many a celebration and victory dance has occurred since then but now is the time to knuckle down and prove I am worthy!

Everyone was and continues to be so welcoming and friendly; they have no qualms about receiving questions or queries, regardless of the seemingly obvious answers. I got stuck in straight away with some research into advertising in the healthcare industry. The successful campaigns held a fusion of intellectual communication and emotive aesthetic. My Great Uncle, who has been in the advertising industry for a long time, informed me of the three responses you are looking to meet in any advert; The immediate, emotional response followed by the informed, intellectual response and finally the active response of what we want the audience to do. Emotive, Intellectual and Active- kind of like the ideal process in dating but the one that never happens!

Through out the week I got my brain cells ticking over three creative briefs, all completely different taking into account the audience and the purpose, while learning about medical developments. I’ve been generating ideas, drawing (the industry call it ‘scamping’), playing with Photoshop -(I’m still pretty rubbish so it’s a working progress…)- and writing scripts for animations. I relished the versatility and the opportunity to try things and learn from those around me.

On Wednesday I was treated to lunch with my Line Manager Andy and ‘buddy’ Rosie; I panic-ordered the biggest glass of Merlot I’d ever seen which was quite lovely! We spoke about the Lab and really what I wanted from this process. It is a hard question and I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past month… my final conclusion is pending. I know that I want to learn about the healthcare industry and use word and image to communicate so I’d deduced that I was in the right place! I want to broaden my knowledge of Photoshop and InDesign and experience both the Copy Writer and the Art Direction side of the process. At Publicis Healthcare the offices are open and the roles interlink which is wonderful; In briefing Copy Writers, Art Directors and Account Handlers all join together to create some sort of communicative force field of brief-related thoughts and doodles.

I’ve concluded that the aim of the next six months is to grasp the horns of this opportunity and steer them in the direction of my career prospects, like a goat warrior…

My first Friday finished up with a few beers with the guys sat outside the office, and as I stumbled home slightly tipsy (-tipsy enough to do South Park impressions…-) I thought the last five days had been an insightful warm up of things to come. Or as Andy put it ‘first week done and you’re not fired!’ Begin as we mean to go on!?

Zoe Bishop  |  Junior Creative

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