Extraordinary ideas for life


Healthcare is a pretty complex world. It’s changing all the time, not just with new drugs and devices, but with discoveries, people and cultures, and the way those people live, talk, and think. Communication provides the opportunities to connect.

We’re here to make memorable experiences that connect people with ideas, and make a positive change to their health.

And how can we do that? By being passionate (which we are) and coming up with some great ideas.

It’s that straightforward, which is why we’ve rebranded to better reflect who we are and what we do.

We’re proud of ourselves. We’ve got amazing people doing brilliant things in strategy, science and creative. We aim for fantastic, amazing work. Extraordinary and inspiring ideas are what drive us.

(And all under healthcare’s complexity and regulations, though that’s good because it pushes us harder).

So besides everything internal, getting the balance on how we work just right, we have a new logo, tagline, website, Facebook and Twitter @PLBadvertising.

(Check them out if you haven’t already).

We’ve also come closer with our sisters Publicis Resolute and Real Science, for a united agency team that works together more. We share the same vision – to change lives – but we each do that differently.

Check out their sites (Publicis Resolute, Real Science) to see how we’re changing lives, together.

Publicis Resolute

Welcome to Publicis LifeBrands – where extraordinary ideas come to life. If you’re looking for our sister PR and med ed agency, Publicis Resolute, please click here.