Together we can do just about anything for your brand, anywhere. Need creative ideas in Paris? Voilá. Brand Building in Singapore? Of course. We have experts in everything from Facebook to Physiology, so if you need to tell, show or convince anyone of anything, we're your team.

See what we do best


We've won pretty much every award out there, and when you have a team that includes film-makers, musicians, scientists, published authors and artists, ground-breaking work becomes the norm.


Are you a brand leader or brand eater? Do you need to differentiate or innovate? How should you position your brand? The answers will come from insights. And we're very, very good at unearthing insights.

Client services

Your success is our success.

It's a cliché, but it's also true. We care massively about our relationships, and take great pains to understand and meet our client's needs.


Many of our copywriters have PhDs and master's degrees. Collectively, we've written everything from product monographs to film scripts.


Is your brand as social as it should be? Is your YouTube profile on-strategy? Is your Facebook page on fire?

Talk to us. We'll soon turn 'No' into 'Oh God yes'.

Global reach

We are part of the single largest health and wellbeing network in the world. This gives us access to thousands of experts in every aspect of multi-channel communications and media.
Which lets us tell your story, however, whenever and wherever you need to.


We have a solution for every problem a brand team can have. We can rebuild brand strategy and positioning from the ground up. We can take existing brand identities and create world-class creative, using talent from all over the world. We can even hop on a plane and spend 72 hours working with you, face-to-face to co-create a new brand world.


Brand Fit

Insight-driven creative strategy development that delivers bold multi-channel creative ideas.

Creative Juice

Inspiration workshops designed to explore ideas, creativity, get the juices flowing and unlock creative roadblocks.


Client & Agency intensive, immersive collaborative creative process - a lot of ideas.

Creative Connect

Multi-agency creative development process that taps into the very best creative teams across the network.


Brand Idea

Big strategic brand ideas and create unifying brand experiences, at any touchpoint branded or unbranded.

Brand Archetypes

Defining brand behaviour, and tonality based on powerful story patterns and universal human truths.

Brand Positioning

Differentiating brand position/value propositions build on insight and designed for longevity.


Brand Health Analysis

Deep-dive analysis into brands and categories to identify opportunities to unlock growth.


Comms Planning

Behaviour-changing tactical planning built on target audience barriers and motivations.

Publicis Resolute

Welcome to Publicis LifeBrands – where extraordinary ideas come to life. If you’re looking for our sister PR and med ed agency, Publicis Resolute, please click here.