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You'd be surprised. We can take your business challenge and turn it into something magical. We can re-imagine brands and rebuild reputations. We can breathe out a world for your brand to play in. Don't believe us? Watch our extraordinary case studies below.

Two worlds, one future

Magnetic resonance/Radiotherapy – a revolution in cancer treatment

The Secret CEO

Meet the world’s most ruthless boss

The time is now

Time is running out for people with type 2 diabetes

Welcome to Michael's world

The simple way to keep HCPs and Crohn's patients connected

Make Blood Cancer Visible

Raising awareness through insightful, reflective design

Restoring harmony

How can a drug orchestrate a delicate balance in type 2 diabetes?

Keep life flowing

A treatment lifeline for patients with Advanced Parkinson’s disease

HIV stop

Using a global phenomenon for good

Slam poetry

Turning emotion into action

If you could see his future

When it comes to diabetes, a lot can happen in 30 years


Bringing a phone to life for chronic urticaria

Patient diaries

Real-life stories about people with AS

This is stroke

How would a stroke feel? A little like this.

The Passage

Helping a charity with a piece of cardboard

A helping hand

Animating an app to help patients with MS

Inspiring change

What could be more inspiring than a Paralympic champion?

The boy I used to know

Simple, emotional storytelling for schizophrenia

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