A helping hand

For most people, just organising their own day-to-day life is a challenge. Now imagine you’re a young working mum who has just been diagnosed with MS. You still have kids to bring up, a life to live and bills to pay. And now instead of planning tomorrow, you’re dreading it. How will you remember where and when to inject EXTAVIA, your new anti-MS therapy? How will you manage to work, live, be a parent, attend regular MS appointments AND keep a regular MS diary to help your doctor keep an eye on you?

Extraordinary idea
Novartis created an App that could do the remembering for you. The free EXTAVIA patient mobile app helps patients know when and where to take their EXTAVIA, remembers their appointments and helps them keep their MS diary. To introduce them to this nifty tool, we created an animation that brought ‘App’ into the real world; portraying ‘him’ as a friendly robot PA. And who wouldn’t want one of those?

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