Restoring harmony


Type 2 diabetes is a global epidemic. The disease is caused by two core defects – insulin resistance and islet cell dysfunction. Patients can be treated with a range of drugs that work on either of these two defects.

Our client, Novartis, markets a pill called Galvus, which works to correct islet cell dysfunction. However, this drug is typically used in combination with metformin, which works on insulin resistance. Novartis found that, when talking to doctors, it was challenging to succinctly explain how Galvus and metformin work, and how they complement each other.

Extraordinary idea

To solve the problem, we decided not to produce a complicated, and expected, mode of action video. Instead, we created an original, engaging and memorable story to explain how Galvus and metformin work in harmony to treat the underlying defects of type 2 diabetes.

Our film, Restoring Harmony, is a short animation featuring an orchestra of problems that are ultimately resolved by two important characters: metformin and Galvus. Restoring Harmony helped consolidate doctors’ understanding of the roles, and importance, of both Galvus and metformin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

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