Chronic urticaria (CU) is a devastating but often-overlooked condition, not only causing physical pain but also isolating sufferers from those who care about them. CU sufferers need a community of people who understand – HCPs and fellow patients – to offer them companionship and understanding. The TARGET My Hives app is that community. Our challenge was to bring CU sufferers together in a digital space; make them aware of TARGET My Hives and let them know that there are others like them, who understand what they are going through and can help.

 Extraordinary idea

A series of simple, engaging animations for use on social media and YouTube, showcasing the benefits of TARGET My Hives to a wide audience and driving downloads. With TARGET My Hives, patients and patient groups can support one another and find specialist care near them. HCPs and researchers can gain insights from patients and share advances with colleagues worldwide. Everyone living with and impacted by chronic urticaria can be truly connected so no-one goes through CU alone.

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