The time is now


People today are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes younger and younger. They have more time to live with the disease, so unless doctors step up their treatment now the impact later in life could be devastating.

This was the focus of Novartis’ new campaign for their tablet used to treat diabetes. Our challenge was to get healthcare professionals to act now and intensify treatment before it’s too late.

Extraordinary idea

For the internal campaign launch we created a unique experience using a positive story documenting the importance of time. We wanted to make something uplifting, captivating and powerful that would stay in the minds of all delegates. Something that perfectly captured the essence of time.

So we found Anna Strelkova, a professional sand artist. She helped us tell the story of Samantha, a patient with type 2 diabetes, and her journey through time with the treatment. How she could live life to the full, enjoying things she might have lost if she had not been treated earlier.

Performed live at the internal campaign launch, this unique show captivated delegates at the stand. We shared the video with delegates at EASD 2016, and it can live on with the campaign to show doctors that the time to act is now.

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