Welcome to Michael’s world


More than five million people are living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These conditions have a huge impact on patients’ lives but monitoring patients and keeping their symptoms under control is a problem. Healthcare professionals need to be able to monitor patients between visits and to ensure their condition is effectively controlled in order to avoid flare ups and help delay the need for surgery.

Janssen wanted to show HCPs the potential benefits (both practical and emotional) of being able to more closely monitor their patients between visits using the Care4Today platform and how this could improve patient engagement with treatment and ultimately, adherence.

Extraordinary idea

Introducing Michael’s world – the everyday life of a typical Crohn’s patient. This captivating and detailed mini world, with its interactive AR content, gave delegates an insight into a patient’s life, with all the ups and downs that living with Crohn’s entails. The AR content highlighted current treatment concerns and showed the potential benefits of Care4Today for HCPs and patients alike, through its ability to offer real-time access to Michael’s information and facilitate timely treatment before symptoms escalate.

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